Rachel & Kala

10 December 2021

Kala had heard about Potters through a family member. When he shared this venue with me, I was so impressed by its natural beauty and was interested right away in visiting. I [Rachel] am French-Canadian and Kala is Australian of Sri Lankan origin. We unfortunately had to put aside any ideas of getting married until I was able to return to Australia. When it appeared to be the true end of the Melbourne lockdown era, we saw an opportunity to get married.
We both fell in love with the beautiful Australian native natural grounds and the wisteria courtyard. We are simply nature lovers who enjoy hiking in the forest and being outdoors. When I visited Potters I became so excited and happy about the prospect! It honestly felt like a dream that we could get married in such a beautiful space. We were also privileged to meet with the Potters team who were outstanding at helping us plan the day, it made everything so much easier and smooth.
We both really enjoyed every minute of our wedding; it was truly perfect! We absolutely loved the view when we were sitting under our beautiful mandap, seeing our family and friends reunited together in the courtyard was magical. We soaked in all the beauty of it – the children laughing, the colourful sarees, the breeze through the trees, the drops of sun through the wisteria, the smell of the incense. We felt alive and loved. That moment is engraved in our memories forever.
We felt so lucky that on the actual day of the wedding we had delegated everything to family, friends and and the Potters team. We got to take a step back, smile and simply enjoy the love we have for each other.
Since we planned our Hindu wedding in five weeks we absolutely had to prioritize which aspects of the wedding were important and which ones were not. As we could not spare the time comparing a million possibilities, we said a lot of yes to our vendors and let them use their creativity. We absolutely loved how everything turned out, thanks to their talents. It really allowed us not only to enjoy the day, but also the planning. The joy of wedding planning is definitely not in controlling everything. Don’t forget to embrace the big picture: this is a lifetime opportunity to celebrate your love with your family and friends in a magical and beautiful setting.
Photographer: Ferndara
Venue: Potter’s Reception
Hair and Saree Draping: Sumi
Henna: Sonia
Mandap and Decor: Indian Wedding Decorators
Flowers: Hailey Page Flowers.
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