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Say Goodbye to a Loved One at Our Funeral Venue

At Potters, we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one can be an overwhelming and upsetting experience. You not only need the support of friends and family, but also the helping hand of a funeral venue that will respect your wishes, show compassion and treat you fairly. Fortunately, the team at Potters can help you get through this challenging period.

Located at the gateway to the Yarra Valley, our funeral venue offers the perfect backdrop for saying farewell to your loved one. Whether you choose to hold your funeral outdoors in our funeral garden or use our stunning non-denominational funeral chapel for a more intimate and religious ceremony, we can meet your needs. Discuss your requirements with us and we’ll do our best to put your mind at ease.

A Funeral Venue that Respects Your Wishes and Honours Your Loved One

The event coordinators at Potters do their best to respect your wishes and help you honour your recently departed loved one. Our funeral venue works closely with you, ensuring that the specific things you have in mind are catered for. This includes allowing you to set up your desired décor, allowing you to provide your preferred musical choices, offering restaurant-quality cuisine and more. In addition:

  • We are conveniently located just 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD
  • We have a grand dining room and fully equipped alfresco bar from which you and your guests can talk and share stories after the funeral ceremony