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The Best School Formal Venue in Melbourne

There are many school formal venue and school reunion venue options to choose from throughout Melbourne, but none match the natural beauty offered at Potters. We might be known as a wedding venue first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cater to other celebrations. Our stunning natural surroundings, highly versatile facilities and accommodating staff can also host school events and deliver unforgettable experiences that are sure to impress.

An Accommodating School Formal Venue

School formals and school reunions are special occasions for current and past students. Formals allow students to dress formally and impress their classmates, while reunions offer them the opportunity to reconnect with people they haven’t seen in a long time. The event coordinators at Potters can accommodate your requirements and help you celebrate your school events in style.

Our school formal venue and school reunion venue offers:

  • A wisteria draped courtyard where students can step outside for some quiet time
  • An elevated bar area with alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic drinks
  • A spacious dining room and restaurant-quality cuisine
  • A dance floor where students can cut loose and let their hair down

In addition, we’re conveniently located at the gateway to the Yarra Valley just 30 minutes outside the Melbourne CBD, and only 10 minutes away from suburbs like Ringwood and Doncaster.