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Organise School Graduations at Potters

Graduation Dinners are an excellent opportunity for students to get together and enjoy themselves and let their hair down after a long stressful year at school in a more relaxed setting. They provide an excuse to dress formally, mingle with classmates, indulge in delicious foods, have a few drinks, and even show off on the dance floor. If you’re looking for a venue that accommodates graduation dinners, there’s no better choice than Potters.

Our dedicated function space has everything you need and much more to create an unforgettable experience for your students. We’re also a popular graduation dinner venue, with staff and facilities that are fully capable of giving graduating classes the opportunity to celebrate the end of their studies in style and herald the next phase of their lives.

Why Choose Us for Graduation Dinners?

Potters has earned a reputation for its convenient location and stunning natural surroundings. Can you imagine a better location for a graduation dinner than six acres of Australian native gardens with stunning waterfalls and lush greenery? Even at night, the beautiful natural backdrop enhances the mood and atmosphere of any celebration.

In addition, our graduation dinner venue offers:

  • A wisteria draped courtyard
  • An elevated bar area
  • A spacious dining room
  • A wraparound timber dance floor

We guarantee you won’t find a better venue for graduation dinners than Potters.