Plan B


Something to think about when you are choosing your wedding venue. Not only should they have the facilities such as abundant ceremony locations like a Chapel or gardens, picturesque dining room and alfresco bar and on site accommodation such as Potters Receptions has, but do they have a Plan B…??

  • What would happen to your event if there was a power failure…? Does your venue have a generator so your function could continue without a hitch…?
  • What if it turned out to be one of those 40 degree Melbourne days, would your venue have cooling to cope.. in the Chapel…? In the function room ? ..In the Accommodation or the Bridal Party retreat…
  • In winter when its cold and raining outside, does your venue have plan B for photo opportunities.
  • Does your venue have room to accommodate friends and family to stay…

Ask yourself these questions before you make your choice… to ensure your day is one to remember for all the right reasons.